The Enneagram is an ancient body of wisdom that has been used for centuries in Christian spiritual development. Nobody knows where it originated, but we know that the Christian Desert Fathers used it to guide their disciples into spiritual maturity. Over the last century the Enneagram has been expanded to take into account our multifaceted human nature. We're psychological, emotional and spiritual beings.


The Enneagram raises awareness in all of these areas. Illuminating the effects of our False Self in each area and simultaneously pointing us in the direction of our True Selves. It's not necessary for Coaching, but taking the Enneagram into account in Coaching can be incredibly powerful.

We are much more than our Enneagram Type, but seeing ourselves in this way is one powerful way that God recruits our active participation in our own Transformation. And by extension, His entire Kingdom. The more we shed our False Selves, the more our True Self and Calling emerge.

How is the Enneagram used in Coaching?

Coaching with the
Enneagram as Insight

In it's most basic form, the insight gained from the Enneagram can be used as clues to understand yourself. The Enneagram is astonishingly effective at raising our self-awareness. Suddenly seemingly random and inconsequential tidbits become crucial pieces in understanding a bigger pattern.

Coaching with Enneagram insight enhances your ability to move towards all of your other goals. The shared language of the Enneagram makes for more time efficient and effective Coaching sessions.

Coaching with the
Enneagram as a Lens

Taking your goal, whatever it may be, we overlay what we know about your Enneagram Type over the top. It becomes a lens through which we can get a fresh perspective on your challenges, values and strengths. 


Through this lens we can better understand our own often unconscious motivations and worldviews. As a lens, the Enneagram sheds light on why we do the things we do. And how we can now do things differently to get unstuck and finally reach our goals.

Coaching with the
Enneagram as a Goal

The Enneagram illuminates for us our True Self- the beautiful sliver of God's heart that we were born to reflect to the world. In contrast it highlights our False Self we've adapted as kids to feel safe, but which now holds us back from true freedom. In the same way that the Apostle Paul talks about taking off the old man and putting on the new, you may choose an aspect of your False Self to shed and an aspect of your True Self to put on. This can become your Coaching goal.

Coaching with an Enneagram goal allows you to take concrete steps towards these specific aspects of your True Self. Whatever the specific goal you choose, Coaching in this way will move you one step closer to living more freely and fully alive. 

"Using the Enneagram" on Bridgeway Christian Church's

Engaging Culture Podcast

with Damara Miller, ACC, Josh Uht, Heather Johnson, ACC and Brian Kiley.

Tuesday July 30, 2019