It’s a jarring experience to come out of Eating Disorder treatment and back into the real world. From a safe environment "where all foods have a place" and freedom in eating is championed daily, to where "the better you eat the better you are". Every bite is judged as good or bad. Diet talk and body bashing are expected. 


Intuitive Eating can be a powerful support for those of us who have completed Eating Disorder treatment and are trying to navigate recovery in a diet-steeped culture.

Dieting (and the underlying diet-mentality) is a major trigger for Eating Disorders. We may not be in our Eating Disorder anymore, but are we free from diet-culture's influence?

Is Diet Culture affecting you?

How do you continue in your recovery when everybody you know tries to eat perfectly? Where we’re shamed into 100% self-control in food, body and weight all the time?


A lot of well-meaning people accidentally encourage Orthorexic thinking as a way to recovery. How often have you heard variations of, "Don't eat by rules, just eat healthy, in moderation and whole unprocessed foods"?

Those simple notions are packed with moral fiber which form the foundation for a new set of food rules. For somebody in recovery from an Eating Disorder it's only too easy to trade one Eating Disorder for another. When it comes to Orthorexia we could be living with it without even realizing it.

We can learn to honor our bodies and our health, but it's really difficult while we're still harboring any diet-based food rules. When we embrace Intuitive Eating, we become empowered to listen to our bodies and give them what they need.

Recovery is absolutely possible. Rebuilding a mutually trusting relationship with your body is absolutely possible. It's a process that takes time and is made a whole lot easier with a trained guide and an encouraging partner by your side.


That's where Coaching can help. In our one-on-one Coaching sessions you'll get the support and tools that you need to get free from dieting.


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