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A lot of us think dieting is a "must". Common-knowledge says that we have to work to be thin and healthy by staying away from bad foods. The prevailing thought is the oversimplified "calorie-in, calorie-out" calculation. The truth about our weight is much more complicated and much less in our control.


If it was, then we'd have more than 2% of people losing and keeping the weight off. But that's not the case. Even if we manage to still lose weight, we're likely terrified of gaining it all back and work even harder to eat perfectly.

Thankfully, there is good news for those of us who are sick and tired of putting all of our energy into a never-ending, always-losing battle with our food and bodies.


Intuitive Eating is a way to live and love food, our bodies and ourselves without restricting off limits foods. Intuitive Eating is not a diet.

It is incredibly rare that anybody born into a diet culture could avoid absorbing at least some diet-mentality. Even if you've never dieted, it's highly likely that you hold beliefs about "good" and "bad" foods and about "right" and "wrong" ways to eat.


This seemingly harmless diet-mentality can be surprisingly dangerous in two big ways. 1. Diet-mentality makes food and our bodies the enemies 2. Diet-mentality makes some bodies out to be better and more worthy of respect than others.

Is Diet Culture affecting you?

Intuitive Eating is simple. Navigating our way out of the diet-mentality and rebuilding trust with ourselves and our bodies in a diet-steeped culture is difficult. That's where Coaching can help. In our one-on-one Coaching sessions you'll get the support and tools that you need to get free from dieting.


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