What is it like to Coach with me?

  • I create a safe space for you to experiment and take risks as you venture into new areas of freedom with food. Part of this is normalizing the Intuitive Eating process and encouraging your forward in the journey.

  • God has already given you the internal wisdom to connect with your body. Diet culture disempowers us by telling us that we cannot trust our judgement or bodies. Through the Coaching process, you'll become empowered to make your own food and body choices.

  • I offer information to help you reject diet culture and embrace Intuitive Eating. You'll learn how to challenge diet culture's preconceived notions about food and bodies.

  • We take a curious non-judgemental approach to the learning process.

How do I help you?

I help you to: 

  • Learn how to navigate through diet mentality and reconnect with your Intuitive Eater.

  • Get concrete, practical and specific about the actions you are going to take to experience real change.

  • Live freely with food and your body so that you can put your energy into meaningful work and relationships.

What do I bring as a Coach?

I bring:

  • The skills, knowledge and tools of a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

  • Coaching experience and techniques as a Credentialed Associate Coach (ACC).

  • A Christian perspective on diet culture and the kind of freedom that Christians have when it comes to their food and bodies.

  • Structure for helping your to get concrete and practical about the action steps you decide to take. I help you to turn your insight into tangible action that moves you forward.

  • An emphasis on building in encouraging accountability so that you can build your own healthy support system.

What's the next step?

Sign up for your FREE 30 minute mini-session which we'll do over the phone or video chat.

During our mini-session I'll answer any questions that you have about Coaching with me and we'll see if we make a good fit as partners. I'll help you decide if Coaching is right for you at this time. If Coaching isn't the best next step for you, I'll Coach you to move forward toward what is best for you. All free of charge.

It's easy. Here's how it'll go:

  1. Schedule your Free 30 minute mini-session.

  2. I'll call you at our scheduled time.

  3. You'll walk away with a solid action plan for next steps.